A sebaceous cyst is a small, closed sac under the skin that contains oily or cheesy material.

The cyst forms a smooth, firm bump or lump, most often on the face, scalp, neck, or middle of the body. A sebaceous cyst may occur if you have a blocked sweat gland or hair follicle. A sebaceous cyst that forms in the top layer of skin cells is called an epidermal cyst. If the cyst sac forms from hair follicle cells, it is called a pilar cyst.

Having acne increases your risk of developing a sebaceous cyst. Sebaceous cysts don’t usually need to be removed unless they’re causing problems, such as pain.

Getting a cyst removed

You may want your cyst removed if it’s large or in an obvious place and it’s affecting your self-esteem. Removing a cyst under these circumstances is regarded as cosmetic surgery, which is rarely available through the NHS. The NHS will usually only fund cosmetic surgery if the problem is affecting your physical or mental health.

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