Do you have a lump or bump on your skin that is causing you concern?

Are you unsure what it is?

Would you like to have it looked at and receive useful information and advice?

We can help!

Private skincare services Plymouth DevonThere are many types of lumps and bumps (lesions) that people have on their skin and they are usually harmless. However, any lesion that is causing you pain or discomfort, or you and your family concern, should be checked by a clinician. It may also be unsightly or can stop you wearing some types of clothing.

Our doctors can diagnose your lesion by a quick and simple examination.

We can give you advice on managing the lesion in the future and also treatment options if you would like it removed. Our doctors will also let you know if it needs urgent treatment and how you can receive it.

An appointment with our clinicians costs just £35 and we will also let your GP know if we spot anything of concern.

In addition, if you book a procedure after your lump and bump check then we can offer a 10% discount on the procedure price.

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